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Only in OK Show

Feb 10, 2020

On today's episode of the #podcast, we are discussing the Festival of Freaks, coming up on March 21st at the OK State Fair Park.
We have a great interview with Kaci Burr, one of the Festival of Freaks organizers and local artist.
Festival of Freaks is a celebration of all that is weird.  From strange and unusual art and collectibles, contortionists, palm readers, belly dancers, and much more.  The event is sponsored by the Museum of Osteology and Skulls Unlimited International.  
State Fair Park is one of the largest event facilities in the country and is one of the primary reasons that Oklahoma City is known as the Horse Show Capital of the World. 
Outro music created by Wood Willow, an OKC band with a memorizing sound that cannot easily be fit into a specific genre. We think you will love them!
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