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Only in OKlahoma Show

Sep 19, 2022

Turn it up!
Today we are discussing Fur Fest in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The Fur Fest is a locally-grown event curated for the Oklahoma music scene. It is located at The Fur Shop in downtown Tulsa, which has 3 stages prepared for use. The Fur Shop seeks to be a vessel through which Oklahoma musical artists can find exposure. The purpose of The Fur Fest is to bring a platform for Oklahoma artists and vendors to congregate and have fun in the Tulsan spirit. Attendees will learn more about local businesses and they will meet up-and-coming musical artists from our state.
Tulsa is a city on the Arkansas River. It’s known for its art deco architecture, mostly in the central Deco District. Landmarks like the Philcade and Philtower buildings reflect a 20th-century construction boom fueled by the prosperous local oil industry.
22 of the USA's most underrated destinations by Joe Yogerst at CNN
Oklahoma City embodies the Modern Frontier and defines its own future. A young city steeped in Native American and Western culture, openness, and an enterprising nature, OKC embraces its roots and continues to pave the way as a center of innovation and entrepreneurship.
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