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Only in OK Show

Oct 3, 2019

We have barely even started with this show and already there is trouble brewing with the crew.  Harley has called a bro-code violation and Brett is saying "it wasn't me", in his best Jamaican accent.
Our first stop on the show is south of Oklahoma City, and you are going to love the The Orr Family Farm.  This 108 acre will educate and entertain all of the kids from the age of 1 to 92.  Spend the day ziplining, riding the rails, picking pumpkins or spend the night in a teepee, a covered wagon or shooting zombies.
Orr Family Farm
Orr Family Facebook
We have found ourselves back in Guthrie and Guthrie puts the G in ghost.  Stacey Frazier joins us to discuss the Guthrie Ghost Walk.  This walking tour through historic Guthrie will have you running in fear.  Just don't run into the ladies room...bad things happen.
Guthrie Ghost Walk
Guthrie Ghost Facebook
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