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Only in OK Show

Mar 22, 2021

Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?
On today's episode of the Only in OK Show, we discuss The Selman Bat Cave Wildlife Management Area in Freedom, OK.
The Selman Bat Cave Wildlife Management Area between Freedom and Woodward is an area protected by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Each summer, visitors watch over a million bats take to the skies at night during special Bat Watch events. The Mexican free-tailed bats return to this 340 acre plot of land in northwestern Oklahoma each year in their migratory path.
Freedom is a town in Woods County, OK on the Cimarron River.  Its population of 289 citizens has helped it earn the distinction of being the smallest certified city in the state of Oklahoma.  Freedom is also home to Alabaster Caverns State Park and the annual Freedom Open Rodeo and Old Cowhand Reunion, known as the "Biggest Open Rodeo in The West". 
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