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Only in OKlahoma Show

Apr 18, 2022

This may be our sodium best episode ever!
Today we are discussing the Great Salt Plains State Park in Jet, Oklahoma.
Salt Plains State Park is one of Oklahoma's most unique state parks. The barren landscape of the nearby Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of salt leftover from an ocean that covered Oklahoma in prehistoric times, and the saltwater lake in the park, Great Salt Plains Lake, is about half as salty as the ocean.
The community of Jet was founded by the Jett brothers, six unmarried brothers named Joseph, Trigg, Newt, Warner, John, and Richard Jett, who established homesteads in the former Cherokee Outlet.  Jet's economy is based on farming, primarily wheat, livestock, and poultry.
$20M Expansion At Milo's Tea Plant Underway, that will add 50 new jobs at the Milo's tea plant near Owasso.
Owasso is a city in Rogers and Tulsa Counties and  is a northern suburb of Tulsa.  Originally settled in 1881 in Indian Territory, the town was incorporated in 1904 just before Oklahoma statehood and was chartered as a city in 1972.
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