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Only in OKlahoma Show

Aug 8, 2022

We ain't horsin' around!
Today we are discussing the Mowdy Ranch in Coalgate, Oklahoma.
Mowdy Ranch is Oklahoma's only Bureau of Land Management Public Off-Range Pasture for wild mustangs and one of only four such ranches in the United States. Located in the beautiful hills of southeastern Oklahoma, 10 miles northeast of Coalgate on Highway 31, this 4,000 acre ranch is home to nearly 400 wild horses or "mustangs."
Originally known as Liddle and located in the Pushmataha District of the Choctaw Nation, Coalgate, the county seat of Coal County.  The town began as a coal-mining camp in 1889 and at its height was shipping almost 30 carloads of coal per day. The town's name was changed from Liddle to Coalgate on January 23, 1890. A popular legend holds that the town was named after Colgate Hoyt, a MK&T director. Apparently, however, the name was taken from the steel gate or "coal gate" that separated the trains from the coal mines north of town.
Street art in Oklahoma City is the best in nation, USA Today says.
Oklahoma City embodies the Modern Frontier and defines its own future. A young city steeped in Native American and Western culture, openness, and an enterprising nature, OKC embraces its roots and continues to pave the way as a center of innovation and entrepreneurship.
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