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Only in OK Show

Apr 5, 2021

Are we alone?
On today's episode of the Only in OK Show, we discuss the Winganon Space Capsule in Winganon, OK.
The Winganon Space Capsule is a local landmark and roadside attraction that started its life as a cement mixer that wrecked in 1959.  After the wreck, the cement hardened and the truck was hauled away while the mixer was abandoned due to weight. Over the years it has been painted many times and the current theme is as a NASA landing pod. The current theme was done on 9/25/11 to celebrate the 5th wedding anniversary of a local couple. Stop on by and take one small selfie for mankind.
Winganon is an unincorporated community in Rogers County, Oklahoma, located east of U.S. Route 75 on E 300 Road in Talala, OK.
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