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Only in OKlahoma Show

Oct 31, 2022

What are you doing in November?
The Month of November is full of family friendly fun in Oklahoma.  If you want to find something new to do this month, check out the show.
St. Elijah Mediterranean Food Festival - Soak in some history and culture while celebrating Mediterranean food with the congregation of St. Elijah...

Oct 28, 2022

Why are ghosts such bad liars?


Today we are discussing a Haunted Radio Station in McAlester, Oklahoma.

Shanna Warner grew up in SE Oklahoma, near the town of Wilburton.  In her early career, she was a radio announcer, reporter and journalist.  Today, she and her husband...

Oct 26, 2022

Why did the skeleton go to the party alone?

Because he couldn’t find any body to go with him.


Today we are discussing the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


The Museum of Osteology, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a private museum devoted to the study of bones and skeletons. This museum...

Oct 24, 2022

How can you tell if a monster likes you?

He takes another bite.


Today we are discussing the Haunted Constantine Theater in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.


Constantine Theater in Pawhuska, Oklahoma is the second oldest performing arts center in Oklahoma. The Constantine Theater was built in 1914 and touted as the "Finest Opera...

Oct 19, 2022

Why didn’t the zombie go to school?

We have a great interview with Bo Luellen, author and investigator.  
Bo joins us to discuss the mystery of the Shaman's Portal in Beaver Dunes State Park in Beaver, OK. ...